EASA Part-M Subpart G regulations concern the continued airworthiness management of aircraft registered in the European Union.  Aerotech has obtained this approval in order to support our customers and manage this requirement on their behalf.

The benefits to customers of Aerotech being Part-M Subpart G approved are that we can be the appointed continued airworthiness management organisation for the owner/operator. The owner/operator can rest assured that as a Part-M Subpart G approved continued airworthiness management organisation, Aerotech will be continually overseen by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Aerotech is also approved to conduct annual airworthiness reviews in accordance with EASA regulations Part-M Subpart I.

This annual review is mandatory for all EASA aircraft to ensure their continuing airworthiness and the approval Aerotech holds means the full scope of continuing airworthiness management services can be offered for a wide range of aircraft (see approvals page).