About Us


Aerotech, established in 1997 by Robert Doherty, is a mature, well established company with an excellent reputation for consistent, high quality work.

Robert Doherty is our Maintenance Manager at Aerotech. Maintaining aircraft for over 30 years, his in depth knowledge of aircraft systems, along with his approachable manner has built a strong relationship with our customers.

Crucially in today’s EASA environment Robert has an experienced perception of how to cope with the many changing rules and regulations governing aircraft maintenance and his interpretation of the legislation allied to his good liaison with our CAA surveyor means that the important paperwork matches the high standards of work on the aircraft themselves.

Robert started his engineering career at Cranfield and Leicester airfields, where he learnt his trade, before returning to the town of his youth, Sligo in Eire. In Sligo he worked for the maintenance operation at the airport. During this period, he spent some months at Oxford airport studying to gain his CAA A&C engineer licence before returning to Sligo to take over the running of the maintenance facility.

Later, when an opportunity arose to run the maintenance operation of a busy flying school at East Midlands Airport, he returned to the UK and moved to Castle Donington where he has lived with his wife, Carole and three children ever since.

In 1996 Robert decided to set up his own independent maintenance company called Aerotech Aircraft Maintenance Ltd, initially at Kemble airfield and then later closer to home at Coventry airport where the company has been based since 1998. As Robert’s expertise grew he extended his licence coverage to include American N-reg aircraft with an FAA A&P license and also an important IA qualification which provides Inspection Authorisation for him to sign off FAA annual inspections and modification work. Being one of the very few European engineers to have completed the PA46 Jetprop maintenance course in the United States, Robert has found himself specialising in the main 3 variants of the Piper PA46 Malibu.

Today, Robert is the head of a team of engineers and technicians that maintain over a hundred aircraft and whether it is a vintage Piper Cub or high tech diesel DA42 packed with reconnaissance sensors, the aircraft gets the same level of expert attention and the owner the same level of courtesy. It is a Robert trademark which has served him well and is being adopted by all new staff as the company grows further.

Steve Clark (Director)

From an early childhood connection and interest in aviation, Steve has spent his whole life within the world of aeronautics. From being an RAF cadet at school he went on to study Aero/Mech Engineering at College prior to joining the Royal Air Force as an Engineer Officer. His tours included the maintenance of the Hercules aircraft at RAF Lyneham and the avionics systems of the Tornado aircraft at RAF Bruggen. After completing his commission, he studied for an MSc in Air Transport Engineering at Cranfield University, which added to his professional qualification as an Incorporated Engineer with the Royal Aeronautical Society. However, the opportunity then arose to cross into a commercial flying role and expand on the private flying that he had been doing whilst in the RAF. Over the last 20 years he has flown over 10000 hours and experienced a wide range of aircraft types and environments from instructing and charter flying in light twins for business to turboprops and jet airliners for both short and long haul. He is currently working part time for Virgin Atlantic on the A340 and A330. Throughout all this time he has maintained his interest in GA aviation and engineering with his business partnership in Aerotech. As a CAA approved pilot he has been conducting post maintainance C of A air tests for many years and has ferried light aircraft around Europe and across the Atlantic. In his spare time, rather than escape aviation, he enjoys flying his Maule tail dragger into grass strips and maintains a keen interest in the historical and heritage side of aviation.